Goodbye to Witless Bay

wbfs2014_ETS_ph 308

One of our very first days in Witless Bay.

Well, our time in Witless Bay has come to an end.  Convent life is over, and we’ve all gone back to our houses and apartments in St. John’s.  I moved to St. John’s only six days before leaving for field school, so for me, Witless Bay feels more like home than my new apartment does.  More than just being a matter of mathematics, though, Witless Bay really did get to feel like home.  Whether it was Ralph Carey coming to check in on us at the convent every morning, Dena Wiseman gifting us delicious food from her garden (and generally being a great help all round)  , Marilyn O’Dea opening up the O’Connor fifty plus club to a slightly younger than usual group of people, or any of the people who let us into their homes to make floor plans and conduct interviews, we were made to feel so extraordinarily welcome.

Witless Bay 4 310

We really did make an effort to document every nook and cranny of the houses we visited!

Last night, we said goodbye to everyone who came out to see our presentation about the work we did over the past three weeks.  For those who weren’t able to come, we’ll be putting the video presentation we made up on the blog quite soon, so please keep an eye out for that.  I know we all want to say goodbye and thank you so much to everyone in Witless Bay.  I, for one, am already planning a visit.

Witless Bay 9 004

Goodbye, and thanks once again, Witless Bay!

One thought on “Goodbye to Witless Bay

  1. Dear Emma,
    I am Daisy’s Grandmother who lives n Michigan. I have enjoyed reading the blogs. Find all the comments about the food you all get interesting. I have found trying the food of other cultures interesting.Best Chinese food I had was in India, lobster in Tonga and fish in Bangladesh. The toutons (Did I spell that right?) look a lot like the Indian fry bread that they make in the UP of Michigan.
    Julia Deemer


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