The Closing of the Convent Doors

Well, our time in the convent has come to a close. Personally, I’m not quite ready for the real world. Our field school was a wonderful glimpse into Witless Bay, and I think many of us would have liked to stay longer. I know I lingered unnecessarily while packing my suitcase, in a futile wish to lengthen our time here. In some ways, three weeks just doesn’t seem long enough. At our closing reception last night, fairy and ghost stories were told to us immediately after our presentation concluded. I have the feeling that we’ve only scratched the surface- I think there’s a lot left to be told about Witless Bay!

It was truly an unforgettable experience for all of us, and I feel very lucky to have participated. We’re so grateful for the interviews given to us, and for the warmth and generosity of the community. We’ve waltzed, we’ve bingo dabbed, we’ve been schooled at cards. We’ve delighted in the landscape, too. Witless Bay is such a beautiful place to be.


View from the Tolt, the highest peak in Witless Bay.

I’ve come away from this time with much more than I ever expected. Thank you so much.

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One thought on “The Closing of the Convent Doors

  1. Dear Andrea,
    I am Daisy’s Grandmother who lives in Michigan. I found your writings about writing on the walls of the sheds interesting. In this area people who work on Habitat for Humanity homes write Bible verses and best wishes on the wall of homes before they are painted. Hopefully someone takes pictures of them before they are covered up. Guess I should find out. Sounds like you all had a great experience at Witless Bay.
    Julia Deemer


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