It’s hard to believe that our three weeks are nearing the end. I remember coming to Witless Bay as a teenager with my friends, and staying in one of my friend’s cabin down by Ragged Beach. We would come here on weekends when her parents weren’t using the place. I have fond memories.

Today I took a drive down Gallows Cove Road and shot a couple of pictures. I realized as I do oftentimes, how beautiful the seashore landscape is. If you look out over the horizon, the curvature of the earth is visible, something I take for granted.

My first photo I thought was a good description of the curves in the shoreline complimenting the horizon line.

Dawn at Ragged Beach Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

Dawn at Ragged Beach
Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

One of our tasks during the Field School experience, was to draw a floor plan of an older building/shed. If these old buildings could talk, the many stories they would tell. How they were constructed, who built them, where did the lumber come from and what went on inside. Were they for work, or leisure? The following are a couple of older buildings that catch my eye every time I drive this road. I also included my floor plan drawing of Joey Yard’s shed.

Small Shed Photo By: Jacquey Ryan

Small Shed Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

Old Sheds of Gallows Cove Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

Old Sheds of Gallows Cove Photo by: Jacquey Ryan


Floor plan for Joey Yard’s Shed Photo b:y Jacquey Ryan

One element I really like about the landscape is texture. It is everywhere. I really enjoy the texture placed there by people. The items constructed out of necessity or for leisure, add another layer to an already rich background. I took a couple of pictures of fences. Fences intrigue me. Witless Bay has a large variety of fencing along its landscape. I counted at least thirty varieties and there are still others I haven’t seen. Fences serve a variety of purposes not always as obvious as it may appear. Some are decorative, some strictly marking boundaries; others might keep animals in or out. Whatever the reason for constructing a fence, texture is evident in the construction. The first picture is an interesting fence made of longers vertically intertwined over horizontal boards. Great texture! The second is a rock wall perhaps constructed for support of the ground behind or as marking for the driveway. Both only assumptions to the many reasons it could have been place there.

Wrigglin Fence Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

Wiggle Rod Fence Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

Rock Wall Photo by: jacquey Ryan

Rock Wall Photo by: jacquey Ryan

My last picture I took from the Irish Loop Coffee House veranda – fishermen coming in with their morning catch. I am told there is a lot of fish out in the bay here. We have had several great meals with cod. One of our meals was baked cod and another was cod tacos. They were delicious. Tonight we are planning to cook cod stew and fried cod cheeks.

Coming in with Morning Catch Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

Coming in with Morning Catch Photo by: Jacquey Ryan

The people of Witless Bay, have offered me a rich experience. I have learned so much in such a short time. When you come to a community seeking information and stories you realize the rich culture that is buried beneath the layers of everyday life. This experience and the fond memories will stay with me.

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