Today was a breath of fresh air from slaving away in the convent all day.

Today was a breath of fresh air from slaving away in the convent all day.  In spite of the forecasted tail end of a hurricane we made the pilgrimage to Gallow’s Cove (once a community unto itself) to meet with the lovely Bonnie Johnstone.  The morning consisted of coffee, chatting, tea, treats, art and sheep.  We expected Bonnie’s home to be lovely-a perfect match with her character-but we didn’t realize we would fall in love with the house, the land it sits on and the wildlife that resides alongside her.


Tea and cookies on the water with Bonnie.

First Bonnie packed a mid-morning picnic basket filled with coffee, tea and sugar cookies then led us along a winding path past the beehives and blueberry bushes to her gazebo perched on the shoreline.  We chatted on the deck about the beauty of the land before heading inside for Bonnie’s interview.  We structured the interview in two parts-the first half on felting, her relationship with the craft and the different techniques she uses.  Fortunately the gazebo where we held the interview housed not only many finished felted pieces but also various materials that she uses in her work.  She explained the four main methods of felting along with an overview of the process of each.  Since Bonnie does not like using harsh chemicals to dye her felt all of her coloured wool are sourced in other parts of the world.  She even had wool from a rare breed of sheep saved by Beatrix Potter.  Our favourite piece was a massive felted whale which Bonnie hangs amongst the trees behind her gazebo; she loves having guests and waiting for them to spot the whale in the woods.  We were astounded by not only the many ways to felt but the variety found in Bonnie’s work.


Terra and Bonnie holding up the whale in the woods.


Bonnie and her felt artwork.


Wool accessories: A scarf, winter boot, and necklace made by Bonnie.

….to be continued see terrambarrett’s post

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