Quilting Memories: Patchwork of Life

Art needs patient and creative students. To be a creative student, your eyes must be equipped with unique lenses sensitive enough to discover beauty from ordinary. To embody that beauty, you must be imaginative and patient to try different ways that might or not lead to your goal.

Being born in the U.S, growing up in Newfoundland, moving to Ontario and now living in Witless Bay, Sis is a professional quilt maker and creative ornament designer. I had the privilege of meeting her in Craft night in the Rec center of Witless Bay.  While showing me her indescribable art works, with her consistent smile, she generously shared very intriguing stories of her rich life. Missing her father at young age and being responsible for her big family, she stared working in a company designing interiors of planes when she was a very young girl. Although it was her first encounter with art as a profession, her entrance to this world as an artist is another interesting story. She told me once she broke her ankle in a hockey game and had to take time off. Being frustrated with a broken angle, she went to a flea market and tried to find something to keep herself busy at home. By chance, she bought some kits and crafts and tried to figure them out.  Getting excited with the crafts, she found her passion as an ornament designer and decided to create something new. She remembered clearly the day when she made a small Christmas tree decorated with her made ornaments and brought it to her work. Beyond her expectation, her German colleague insisted she sell the ornaments to him. She told me that at that moment, she was very shocked and did not have any idea of giving the price as she had never thought that other people might be interested in her crafts. After that happening, she decided to sell her art works in craft fairs.


Sis showing me her ornaments, photo taken by Saeede


Sis’s art works

taken by Saeede

Sis. photo taken by Saeede

Sis is not only a gifted artist but also an amazing teacher. With her kindness and patience, she taught me how I can make a quilt. While listening to the story of how her mother taught her how to make quilts, I started picturing her weaving her memories in one quilt. If the quilt could talk, every single part of it would definitely tell a story of Sis’s life.

Sis teaching me how to make a quilt, photo taken by Saeede

Sis teaching me how to make a quilt, photo taken by Saeede

Quilt made by Sis. Photo taken by Saeede

Quilt made by Sis. Photo taken by Saeede


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