Measuring a House, Feeling at Home

As has already been thoroughly detailed on this blog, this week is all about learning how to document old buildings.  Today, though, was the first day we were all unleashed upon three particular houses in Witless Bay in order to make our own floor plans.  Luckily for us, Ed Chapell has prepared us well, and he and Jerry spent the day circulating between the three houses to make sure we were all more or less on track

Witless Bay 4 360

Watching the master at work!


Because of our numbers, we needed to rely on one community member to help us make up three teams of three people doing the recordings.  Dena Wiseman was kind enough to spend the day with me and Saeede as we measured and recorded every little detail of Sheila and Mike Ryan’s house.

Witless Bay 6 006

Saeede, working hard on our near-complete floor plan

We were in Sheila’s house from 10 am to 7 pm, and far from letting us feel that our presence there was an imposition (and really, we pushed our way into every tight corner, and our measuring tools were strewn all about the house), she made us feel completely welcomed.  Rather than trekking back to the convent for lunch, we got to sit around her kitchen table, along with Ed and Jerry (who had timed their visit to the house perfectly), and enjoy some great conversation and delicious toutons, a type of fried bread that neither Saeede nor I had ever eaten before.  In addition to this, we were made to eat a caplin each, and while reluctant at first, we both enjoyed our fish, and were informed that we were now on our way to becoming true Newfoundlanders!

Witless Bay 6 003

The real reason we had the energy to get so much done today! (The highlight, Sheila’s wonderful toutons, are hidden behind the tea, teacakes, and fruitcake we also got to enjoy)

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