Work and Pray

When you visit coastal communities in Newfoundland, you realize the beauty our province bestows upon our eyes. Not meaning to paint the picture through rose covered glasses, certainly a cold rainy day with a hurricane wind might change your feelings and if you were one who resided here making your living by the sea, you might think differently. When visiting Joey and his store on Thursday, learning camera techniques with Brian Ricks, I noticed a grey bin of fish on the floor. It had been immersed in salt and particles of black could be vaguely seen through the thick crusts of white. My first photograph, “Making Fish”, is a photograph of the bin of fish, probably Joey’s catch for the day. I met Joey’s wife Marguerite also and Marguerite told me about her times fishing with Joey in his boat.

Making Fish

I am hoping to speak with Marguerite again.

My next photo, “Convent Entrance” consists of an arrangement of coloured glass displaying symmetry in its design. It stands at the foot of the stairs in the convent where we are residing for three weeks. When the sun appears in front of the building the rays of light reflect throughout the porch casting the colours that appear in the window. spectacular!

Taken by: Jacquey Ryan

Taken by: Jacquey Ryan

These pictures tell me something of early rural living in Witless Bay. The fish portrays a way of life near extinction now and the convent, a way of faith/religious practice also fading. The early ways of life are changing.

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