Yard’s Fishing Store in Witless Bay

One of the last structures of its kind, this outbuilding also called a store, graces the Witless Bay coastline. A door at the front and back, provided fishermen the opportunity to offload fish from their boats and upload the catch through one door (beach entrance) into the store, where the gutting and cleaning took place. The cleaned fish were then taken out the back door and placed on flakes to dry. The flakes consisted of longers and spruce bows intricately intertwined to hold the fish.

Joey Yard's Fishing Store

Joey Yard’s Fishing Store

At one time these structures would have been visible all around the harbour of Witless Bay, a pattern of wharves, stores and flakes extending from the beach into the landscape. This store, owned by Joey Yard, has been in his family for many years. Joey and his son James, the last two fishermen in Witless Bay, still use the store and clean their fish on the splitting table.

Splitting Table Inside Joey Yard's Store

Splitting Table Inside Joey Yard’s Store

In the photo of the store, an image appears in the doorway. Could it be an apparition?

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